ARIES environmental products - diversity and environmental compatibility

To provide ecological alternatives to conventional pest control, Klaus-Dieter Szczesny founded the company ARIES Umweltprodukte in 1988. Over the course of time, the wide-ranging selection has expanded to more than 100 different environmental products, right down to natural cosmetics. More and more bio-certified products such as pastilles, herbal pots, "care eggs" for hand and foot or a children's garden set were added. In the urban gardening movement, the company is engaged with its well-known seed bombs and other products for urban greening. His new products were awarded several times at the BioFach fair in Nürnberg.

At the same time, the former eco-pioneer grew a first-class sustainability pioneer.
The family business has long since gone beyond compulsory factors such as electricity from renewable sources and energy-efficient production processes. Comprehensive sustainability is a matter of concern for ARIES and firmly anchored in corporate philosophy. In business decisions, all three sustainability aspects are considered - ecology, economics and social issues. This is particularly evident in the design of the environmental products: maximum efficiency with the greatest environmental compatibility is to contribute to the preservation of our planet.

With the vision of creating environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional products, the constant focus on the environment and the protection of the species and thanks to the creative innovative strength of its employees, ARIES has always succeeded in meeting the nerve of the times and its customers. Although the company is growing steadily, always on the premise of sustainable development, it is seen as an innovative actor and a regional key trendsetter for a community that is facing environmental problems and contributing to the solution.

For a CSE certification, ARIES has decided to communicate these values ​​to its customers easily and understandably through a label.