Börlind - Innovation and responsibility in the black forest

For nearly 60 years, the natural cosmetics brand ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND - Natural Beauty and DADOSENS Dermacosmetics have combined the values ​of ethical business with excellent product quality.
Börlind GmbH is committed to the promotion of fair trade as well as various environmental projects - as a part of a lived responsibility.

The company has always paid a lot of attention to innovative research - with special emphasis on nature as an important element of corporate philosophy. Börlind systematically and mindfully debates where scarce natural raw materials can be replaced by resource-conserving, reproducing processes to ensure the excessive use of natural products without degrading quality. This research is a valuable contribution to the future of cosmetics.

Naturally, Börlind represents its values along the entire production chain, so that ecologically and ethically impeccable processing is ensured as well as fair working conditions, fair compensation and the exclusion of child labor. All products are manufactured at Calw: "Made in the Black Forest". The workforce consists of just over 200 employees - 70% of whom are women. And since only green electricity is used in the Schwarzwald farm, the focus is on the continuous increase in energy and resource efficiency.

His worldwide voluntary commitment to sustainability has given Börlind numerous prizes over the past decades. In order to present its comprehensive perspective, the company decided early beyond product certifications for an overall assessment by the CSE sustainability standard.