Botanica – plant extracts from all over the world

For the use in high-quality natural products, Botanica GmbH, headquartered in Sins (Switzerland), has been developing a large number of customer-specific plant extracts since the end of the last millennium. Margret Wälti, managing director and founder, was well aware of her great responsibility as a buyer of natural raw materials on the world market and has consistently insisted on sustainable business.

At the heart of the company are the employees with their motivation and expertise, which live and transport the sustainable philosophy on a daily basis. The management appreciates this commitment with its participation in the development of sales, grants generous holiday times and creates a positive working environment based on respect and openness.

The fair dealings with business partners are self-evident for Botanica. Long-term and trustworthy business relationships with traders and producers around the world are the guarantee of an economic continuity.

Sustainability also plays an important role in customer discussions; the most sustainable alternatives are sought and recommended. Botanica is strictly pursuing its purchasing according to ecological and social criteria - right up to the packaging of the raw material containers. From unsustainable sources of supply, the company consistently keeps distance and offers, for example, only glycerin from palm and coconut-free sources.

The special Swiss conditions favor Botanica with the energy supply: the entire electricity requirement is ensured by hydropower. It feeds the entire machine park, which - like new buildings and further investments - is continually optimized for energy saving and efficiency.

Although Botanica, as a supplier to the cosmetics industry, remains rather unknown to end users, Margret Wälti decided early on for the company certification CSE and thus set a clear sign for a sustainable economy.