CSE - The Label For Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Shopping

With every buying decision we make we also decide on how how sustainable our consumption is.
If you value real sustainability when shopping you should get to know the CSE label. CSE stands for "Certified Sustainable Economics" and is a label for companies that operate in a particularly sustainable manner.
This eco-social quality seal confirms that you are holding a truly sustainable product in your hands; because only companies that operate in a holistically sustainable manner are allowed to use the CSE label.
Long searching for "organic" and "fair" was yesterday. CSE stands for comprehensive sustainability!

With CSE-certified products you promote, among other things:

  • your own health - CSE products are natural
  • the sustainable production of goods according to ecological and social criteria
  • the use of renewable resources
  • sustainable cash flows, projects and packaging
  • sustainability pioneers - companies that already consistently implement sustainability
  • transparency and consistency: facts get checked objectively, greenwashing is not possible

CSE - The Eco-Social Quality Label

We at GfaW aim for finding these particularly exemplary sustainability pioneers for you and making them visible.

With the CSE label, companies can visibly communicate their consistently sustainable business practices and attitudes to the outside world. Only companies that fulfill their responsibilities at the highest level are allowed to carry our CSE label. These companies shape and act with a view to our environment, our society and the economy; aiming to enable a future worth living.

The quality label stands for certified, thus independently verified sustainability throughout the whole company. You will find the CSE label exclusively on products manufactured by companies that operate sustainably.

In the maze of "empty" sustainability promises, unverified self-statements and self-defined standards, the company certification CSE finally provides clarity for you as a consumer.

Where can I find CSE products?

The CSE label is already present in almost all sectors of natural products and the service sector:
  • natural products
  • natural cosmetics
  • detergents and cleaning agents
  • services and handicraft
  • commerce
By now, you can find an increased number of these labeled products that are made by companies which are certified according to the CSE standard in organic and natural food stores. 
Just ask at your favorite store where you can find products with the CSE label or ask the manufacturers of your favorite products when the company will be certified according to the CSE standard; become a motor yourself, become active for change! This will do you good and at the same time protect us and our environment.

Statements About CSE On Independent Consumer Portals:

  • The CSE label is a valuable addition to the family of sustainable and ecological labels, as it not only identifies ecological products, but also considers the sustainability of the company. Thus, with a CSE product, one can assume that the company also operates socially and ethically.

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  • The "Certified Sustainable Economics" label stands for certified sustainability in companies. The CSE standard offers a definition of sustainability tailored to companies and thus provides a benchmark for companies and orientation for consumers. A certified company aligns its activities in a way that it conserves resources and strengthens society in the areas on which it has a direct or indirect influence.

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  • The Certified Sustainable Economics standard identifies products and companies that have implemented an environmental management system and a quality management system. These companies also fulfill high social requirements.

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  • Highly recommended. This is a demanding label that makes a significant contribution to social, ecological and economic improvements in production processes for laundry detergents, household cleaners and cosmetics. It can be found on products and as a company standard.

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