Farfalla – entirely sustinable well-feeling products

Ecological, human and responsible behavior from respect for the dignity of man, animals and nature form the basis of his business activities for the cosmetics producer Farfalla. Since the mid-1980s, the Swiss have shown that a company can achieve good results all over the world and be successful at the same time. With its high-quality products, Farfalla pursues the most demanding principles in terms of Sustainability: animal experiments, gene and nanotechnologies or synthetic starting materials have always been a no-go. Instead, natural products of the best quality from all over the world, produced under fair and environmentally friendly conditions.

Farfalla produces mainly emissions reductioned in Switzerland. The headquarters in Uster (CH) have been using electricity frim nature for years, most of the production sites and sales points have also been converted to renewable energies. Employees are regularly trained on the topic of sustainability, there is a sustainable fleet and a return system for packaging, which consist basically of recyclable materials.

Purchasing and production are subject to strict ecological and social factors. Farmers worldwide are particularly fond of working with the Swiss manufacturer: the cultivation of the basic ingredients for the valuable cosmetics is paid to them fairly, so that their reference again makes the organic cultivation popular in their home country. Farfalla is involved in a variety of projects, ranging from France to Madagascar, which provide a good livelihood for many people. In the course of all these social and ecological activities the company developed its own standard "Grand Cru".

Although Farfalla seldom adorns itself with the concept of sustainability, the company is regarded as a parade example for the love of man and nature in the entrepreneurial context. The successful commitment to preserving original cultivation areas and the self-determination of the people on the ground demonstrate how effective a single sustainable development company can be.

It is no wonder that Farfalla is one of the first pioneers of the CSE standard.