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We Support Your Sustainability Performance

For the improvement of your corporate sustainability, we offer our following products.

CSE Certified Sustainable Economics the company certification for sustainability

CSE-STAR the online tool for the CSE certification and sustainability reporting

Additional services and consulting for more sustainabilityour supportive services in cooperation with our partners

NCP Nature Care Product – the product certification for ecological non-food products

NCS Natural Cosmetics Standard – the product certification for natural cosmetics

NT NATURE THANX – the product certification for therapy-accompanying natural cosmetics

Voices of Our Sustainability Pioneers

  • For 35 years, the three pillars of sustainability - environment, economic and social - have been self-evident, lived values of our corporate culture. These competencies are documented by the CSE label.

    Eco-pioneer since the very beginning
  • This label stands for responsible, ecological, socially-integrated and quality-oriented corporate governance.

    Effective natural cosmetics from the Black Forest
  • The CSE label equals perfectly our family philosophy that has been lived for 32 years now.
    The exchange with other standard members is motivating.

    Entirely sustainable feel-good products
  • Honest, eco-friendly products, fair interactions with each other and responsible work is our maxim. We like the fact that we have this "signed and sealed" - thanks to CSE.

    SNOEK Naturprodukte
    Valuable handwork for environmental protection
  • More frequently, customers are asking for a much more comprehensive assessment of products and companies than just for ecology. We can now meet this need in a very competent way.

    Eco-pioneers with a mission
  • I am thrilled that there is a standard that sets such high requirements. And not just for sustainability performance and the management system, but for the business model and thus the core of the company.

    Consulting, CR and Sustainability
  • For more than 60 years, we have wholeheartedly designed landscape spaces as well as plazas, parks and gardens in urban development. With CSE, we clearly demonstrate that sustainability is considered in all our decisions.

    RMP Stephan Lenzen Landschaftsarchitekten
    Services with ethical responsibility

Already Aboard

The following committed companies are already certified and use our certifications to make their outstanding pioneering achievements as sustainable company visible and thus position themselves clearly.