CSE Certification
The Sustainability Label for Organic Companies and Sustainable Organizations

The CSE certification is an intersectoral certification for companies and sustainablility-oriented organizations.

CSE stands for Certified Sustainable Economics.

The CSE label is a quality label for products of a certified sustainable company. The CSE standard is reviewed on a regular basis and is evolved continuously.

Currently, the CSE standard is available for the following sectors:

  • Organic food
  • natural cosmetics
  • Ecological detergents and cleaning agents
  • natural products
  • Products from a Circular Economy (e. g. recycled plastics)
  • commerce
  • Service providers
  • Banks

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CSE is a comprehensive and holistic sustainability certification. Thus, the required CSE criteria must be met in all the following categories. Otherwise, a certification of your company is not possible.

Business Model (QM System)

Environmental Protection


Supply Chain

Work Environment

Market and Ethics

Sustainability Objectives

Your advantages with a CSE label:

  • Holistic certification
  • Differentiation from less sustainable/ non-sustainable companies
  • Improvement of sustainability performance
  • Possibility of proof within the value chain or to business partners
  • External communication of your sustainability measures through using the CSE label on your products at the PoS

What it means to carry the CSE label on your products:


Criteria and Procedure

CSE is an innovative and holistic sustainability certification for committed people and companies.

The CSE standard describes the requirements for CSE companies. You can download it here.

This chart illustrates the process of the certification:

CSE goes hand in hand with the use of our software tool STAR (Sustainability Tool for Assessment and Reporting) for implementing, collecting and evaluation sustainability performance.
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Recognised Certification Bodies

Certification bodies that wish to certify companies according to the CSE standard must meet defined, standardized requirements. You can find information on the certification procedure here.

Sie sind Zertifizierungsstelle, arbeiten gemäß ISO 17065, sind für die EU-Öko-VO nach ISO 17065 akkreditiert und haben Interesse an einer Anerkennung für die CSE-Zertifizierung? Dann nehmen Sie Kontakt zu uns auf.

Currently recognised certification bodies:

Already Aboard

The following committed companies are already certified and use our CSE certification to make their outstanding pioneering achievements as sustainable company visible and thus position themselves clearly.

Für Unternehmen:


Um den Zertifizierungsprozess machbar, effizient und übersichtlich zu gestalten haben wir das Online-Tool STAR (Sustainability Tool for Assessment and Reporting) entwickelt, das Unternehmen auf dem Weg zur Zertifizierung unterstützt.

Mehr Informationen zu CSE:

Anforderungen und Prozesse

Hier erfahren Sie weitere Details zu Anforderungen, Aufwände und Kosten einer CSE-Zertifizierung.