NATURE THANX – Therapeutic Support Meets Naturalness

The Understanding of NATURE THANX

Especially when it comes to personal well-being, the power of nature can be a blessing. At the same time, amazing progress has been made in recent decades that can increase the effectiveness of care products many times over.

The NATURE THANX quality standard was created to help consumers recognizing effective therapy-supporting care products with the greatest possible closeness to nature and minimal environmental impact. Thus, GfaW presents a certification that provides simple orientation in the conflict field of therapy-supporting care products and cosmetics, which has been difficult to grasp until now.

The basis of the approved products must primarily be of plant, animal, fungal or mineral origin. Unlike in the field of natural cosmetics, however, selected nature-identical active ingredients are tolerated up to a certain amount and for a defined period of time, which are indispensable for the manufacture of some therapy-supporting products. These substances, currently four in number, also occur in their molecular structure in plant and animal organisms but cannot be obtained by the methods defined in natural cosmetics.

All this is done in the hope that such active ingredients or excipients with petrochemical content can be replaced by natural ones as soon as possible. Certified production companies are also encouraged to find appropriate alternatives. During this transitional period, NATURE THANX will be the distinction for environmentally oriented manufacturers and customers. You can find the label on products that support you on your way to physical and mental balance, e.g. therapy-accompanying creams and ointments.


  • Priority of Naturalness and Environment
    Closest possible proximity to nature while using effective formulations.

  • Promotion of Alternatives
    NATURE THANX stands for research and development to promote the use of natural active ingredients. Deadlines for substances that are not yet in line with natural cosmetics guarantee consistent efforts to find conforming manufacturing methods.

  • No Genetic Engineering
    The products are all 100 % GMO-free.

  • Conscious Use of Palm Oil
    The products either come without palm oil or the palm oil used comes from sustainable sources.

  • Cruelty-Free
    NATURE THANX products have not undergone any animal testing.

  • Responsible Packaging
    The packaging is recyclable and ensures complete residual emptying.

  • Transparent Use of Ingredients
    All substances used are clearly named.

  • Additional Vegan Declaration
    Products that are labeled vegan have been manufactured without animal substances.

NATURE THANX Products Come Without

  • synthetic fats, oils, waxes or silicones
  • synthetic fragrances
  • phthalates
  • PEG and PEG derivates
  • EDTA complexing agents, glutaraldehyde, formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasers
  • organohalogen compounds
  • aromatic amines, ethanolamines and derivatives
  • ethoxylated auxiliaries and raw materials
  • musk compounds

Therapeutic Effectiveness Meats Naturalness

What are the binding criteria?

The NATURE THANX standard is public and can be downloaded Here The positive list can be found Here.

Please note: The positive list reflects INCIs that have been assessed as compliant by EcoControl. It is not guaranteed that your raw materials comply with the standard just because they contain the INCIs listed on the positive list! Please read the standard thoroughly and note that each raw material complies with the requirements stated in the criteria. The positive list is for orientation purposes only.

Who certifies the products and how does the certification process work?

The certification of the products according to the NATURE THANX standard is carried out by EcoControl GmbH. The label assignment and authorization to refer to the NATURE THANX standard is given by GfaW, owner of the standard and the label.

After contacting and signing the contracts with EcoControl and GfaW, please register your products with EcoControl. You will then receive the necessary documents. When your company registers a product for the first time, you must provide all the data that is relevant for certification. Prerequisite for the evaluation of the products is all the information about the raw materials described in the criteria.

The documents must contain the following information:

  1. starting material of the raw material
  2. processes, chemical or physical, used to produce the raw material
  3. excipients used in the production of the raw material
  4. GMO-free declaration, if applicable also for excipients such as fermentation organisms
  5. optional: vegan declaration, if you wish to label your product vegan

If all information is complete and the raw materials, based on the information you have given, meet the criteria, the products will receive a certificate entitling you to use the NATURE THANX label.

In annual on-site audits, the certification body verifies the compliance with the criteria for the registered products and prepares an assessment report, which is the basis for maintaining the certificate. If your product deviates from the NATURE THANX standard, you will be granted a certain amount of time to correct it. This can be 4 to 12 months, depending on the severity of the deviation. If the deviations are not corrected during this time, there will be no more conformity with the NATURE THANX standard, the certificate becomes invalid and the products cannot carry the label anymore.

The NATURE THANX approved certification bodies operate in accordance with ISO 17065 and have many years of experience in certifying ethically oriented standards in the industry.

When can the label be used?

From the issuance of the initial certificate.

What are the costs of the certification?

The costs are divided into two parts:

  1. costs for the certification process (certification body)
  2. costs for reference to the standard and using the label (GfaW)

For the costs of certification, please contact the certification body EcoControl.

The cost of using the label in the first year is 400 EUR per product, brand and year. From the 2nd year on and in the following years it costs 250 EUR per product, brand and year.