NCP – product certification for ecological non-food-products

The NCP standard (Nature Care Product) was created in the year 2015 to close  the regulatory gap in the non-food category and put forward much needed benchmarks for “ecological natural products”.

With NCP you can promote ecological non-food products and give them a place in the market.

Whether in the health food shop, in a speciality shop or a conventional point of sale,  the consumers have the possibility to choose an ecologically sound product.

Products from the following categories can be certified:

Everyday items (paper, toys, clothing, …)

Maintenance products for objects (dishes, fabrics, furniture, …)

Hygiene products (feminine hygiene, disinfection agents, repellents, …)

Garden products (insecticides, fertilisers, …)

Your product category, which has not been named here yet. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

More Details

Scope of regulation of the NCP styandard: raw materials and their production processes feature

According to the terminology of the standard, the following requirements are set:

  • ONLY the raw materials listed in the standards
  • No quaternary ammonium compounds
  • No Bore or its derivatives
  • No phosphor and synthetic phosphates
  • No Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) according to REACH, neither CMR goods (according to CLP) – except for fragrances (ISO9235)
  • No classification of the final product in the series H400 (CLP)
  • No ingredients that are not readily biodegradable or not degradable in anaerobic conditions (DID list of the EU Ecolabel)
  • No genetic manipulation
  • No synthetic surfactants, fats, oils, waxes and silicones
  • No radioactive radiation
  • Palm oil only when inevitable – in that case, from organic agriculture
  • Possibly all plant and animal based ingredients are from organic agriculture
  • Animal testing is excluded (except where imposed by law, i.e. with biocide testing)
  • Animal ingredients have to originate from excrements (for fertilisation) or slaughterhouse waste (i.e. ox gall)
  • Extraction solvents are of plant based original

Packaging is well thought out, recyclable or reusable

Background for the certification of natural products

Foodstuff and unprocessed agricultural produce can be featured as “organic” products according to the EU Organic Regulation. For natural products such as cosmetics several standards have been created. Through them, associations of most different sizes and hierarchies came to life. They define the concept “natural cosmetic” in quite a similar way. Our product certification for natural cosmetics gears itself closely on the general criteria of the most known associations.

Pursuant to the understanding and expectations of the consumers, natural products should as far as possible been generated in natural processes. Nevertheless, newer production methods should also be evaluated on their sustainability characteristics. A working group “ecological raw materials” has been set up which takes care of this aspect. The expert circele, at the moment manned by GfaW, EcoControl and INCI-experts, develops in mutual exchange of knowledge and transfer of ideas sustainable ecological requirements for natural and organic products.
A first important focus is the substitution of petrochemical sources by plant-based ones, often also by animal or microbial ones. Especially  for natural cosmetics, ecological washing and cleaning products and household items a lot of pioneer work is carried out to preserve the functionality of the products.

 Would you be interested to take part in the working group “ecological raw materials”, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Costs and procedure of an NCP certification

The price of a certification is made up of two parts. Costs incur with the standard owner and with the certification body.

Standard owner: the referring to the NCP standard including the possibility to use the label costs € 50 per product and per year.

Certification body EcoControl GmbH: the certification is charged by time. Depending on the type of product an audit will vary in time needed. Feel free to ask for a cost estimate with EcoControl.

Products that aim to be certified according to the NCP standard are invited to register with the certification body. At a first registration of a product by your company you have to specify all company data which are relevant for the certification.

After registration of the products to be labelled with the certification body and a preliminary check of the ingredients follows a first audit at the production site. In this first audit a list is set up in which all the measures are mentioned to comply with the NCP standard.

In the yearly re-audit the certification body is checking the observance of the criteria for the registered products and edits an assessment report on which the decision on the certification is based.

The issued certificate allows the use of the NCP logo, assigned by the GfaW.

When discrepancies are found, a time limit is set to have them corrected. This time limit can be set between 4 and 12 months. When at the end of this time limit the discrepancies have not been annulled, there is no conformity with the NCP standard and the products are not allowed to bear the NCP  label anymore.

The control and certification bodies authorised by NCP are operating according to ISO 17065 and have a longstanding experience in the certification of ethical oriented standards in the category

Please feel free to contact us.

A range of NCP certified products