NCP – Quality label for products on a natural base

NCP (Natural Care Product) is a label for everyday natural products.

Do you also want to live in an ecologically sound and healthy way and are you looking for genuine natural products?

NCP (Natural Care Product) is a label for everyday natural products.

A growing number of people reach out to foodstuff from organic agriculture and natural cosmetics. However, many everyday products such as household items, toys or fabrics are sourced from petrochemical production. They contain microplastics, plasticisers and a myriad of unnatural and polluting components. NCP identifies all products which are composed of natural components and do not impact unnecessarily on the environment:

  • Maintenance products for objects (i.e. laundry products, dishwashing products, fabric softener of beeswax polish)
  • Hygiene products (i.e. panty liners, disinfection agents or insect repellents)
  • Garden products (i.e. fertilisers or tools)
  • Toys (fingerpaintings, modelling clay, etc.)

Natural product according to NCP means that the product has not only been manufactured with natural ingredients (e.g. sunflower oil), but that the chemical processes leading to a product (e.g. saponification) also correspond to natural processes (e.g. metabolic processes in the plant).

So with an NCP-certified natural product you are holding a truly natural product in your hands.

NCP stands for

Only ingredients from natural vegetable and/or animal sources

No products that hamper health or the environment

No microplastic

No genetic manipulation

No animal testing (except legally prescribed)

No silicones and surfactants

No radioactive radiation

Palm oil only there where inevitable – and when, then from organic sources

Packaging is thought through, can be recycled or reused

A range of NCP certified products