NCS – for those who love nature and cosmetics

Natural care is not only the best for your body, it also advantageous for the environment and animal welfare. NCS labels natural cosmetics for human and pets.

Natural cosmetics means that the product is not only made with natural ingredients (e.g. sunflower oil), but that the chemical processes leading to a product (e.g. saponification) also correspond to natural processes (e.g. metabolic processes in the plant).

So with NCS-certified natural cosmetics you are holding a truly natural product in your hands.

When using NCS natural cosmetics you can be sure of the following:

no microplastic

no genetic manipulation

no parabens, silicones, PEG’s or Phtalates

no animal testing

no radiation

only natural fragrances and plant based solvents

certified palm oil

ecological packaging

A range of NCS-certified products