NCS – For All The Nature and Cosmetics Lovers

You want to care for your skin naturally and at the same time protect the environment and consider the welfare of animals? NCS-certified cosmetics meet exactly these criteria. 

The production of natural cosmetics is about much more than the use and processing of natural ingredients (e.g. the use of sunflower oil). Another important aspect is that chemical processes during production correspond to natural processes, such as the metabolic process of a plant.

By buying NCS products, you can be sure of the following:

Das NCS-Siegel auf einem Produkt garantiert Ihnen alle hier genannten Eigenschaften

  • no microplastics
  • no genetic engineering
  • Keine Parabene, Silikone, PEGs oder Phtalate
  • no radioactive irradiation
  • purely natural fragrances and plant extracting agents
  • certified palm oil
  • eco-friendly packaging

By purchasing NCS certified cosmetics, you are purchasing a truly natural product.  It is good for you and the environment.

Already Aboard

The following brands carry the NCS Natural Cosmetics Standard label on their products: