Working group Living Sustainability

In the pioneer realms of the CSE standard a working group “Living Sustainability” has been set up, which is analysing the criteria of the standard, backgrounds of ethical behaviour and the field of tension between wish and reality. For the category of natural cosmetics, washing and cleaning products and natural products the group of the Pilot companies, the control body EcoControl, appointed experts from several departments as well as the GafW are gathering. Decisions about changes in the GafW standard are only taken by the standard setter after a consensus inside the working group.

In the meantime, a second working group for trade and service providers has been created. It is made up of INCI-experts, sustaineration, PronatecRMP-Landschaftsarchitekten and  Aproxima.

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Working group ecological raw materials

Foodstuff and unprocessed agricultural produce can be featured as “organic” products according to the EU Organic Regulation. For natural products which are produced and transformed in an agricultural or silvicultural context, there are no legal regulations on organic quality

Pursuant to the understanding and expectations of the consumers, natural products should as far as possible been generated in natural processes. A working group “ecological raw materials” has been set up which takes care of this aspect. The expert circele, at the moment manned by GfaW, EcoControl, INCI-experts and meta.consort, develops in mutual exchange of knowledge and transfer of ideas sustainable ecological requirements for natural and organic products.
A first important focus is the substitution of petrochemical sources by plant-based ones, often also by animal or microbial ones. Especially  for natural cosmetics, ecological washing and cleaning products and household items a lot of pioneer work is carried out to preserve the functionality of the products.

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Gesellschaft für angewandte Wirtschaftsethik

This Association unites ecolgical oriented companies in Germany.

economy for the common good

The Economy for the Common Good describes an economic system that is built on values that promote the common good.
It is a transformational lever, economically, politically and socially.

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Here, scientists and journalists work for a sound, solution-oriented reporting on relevant topics of the time.

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Sustaineration complements our advisory services for companies that are sustainable in the long term, in particular with the introduction of ISO 14001.


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ClimatePartner cooperates with us on CSE. Certified companies receive attractive conditions for CO2 calculation and compensation.
We round off our offer of measuring, evaluating and communicating sustainability services in a customer-friendly manner.