SODASAN – Eco-Pioneer of the first hour

The self-sufficiency is the motivation of the collective, from the beginning of the 1980s the washing and cleaning agent manufacturer SODASAN emerges. The lack of ecological alternatives to conventional detergents makes founders Jürgen Hack and Kerstin Stromberg inventive and successful: In a concrete mixing machine, the first large quantities of the ecological detergents are produced and distributed by a friendly wholesaler.

Due to the increase in ecological awareness among the population and wise investment, SODASAN is soon becoming a successful biopionier. Today, the brand stands for consistently ecological production and genuine sustainability. In more than 40 countries, many of the 70 products are now available.

The entire life cycle of a product is analyzed even before the production process. Therefore SODASAN uses only raw materials from controlled organic cultivation where possible. Substances of petrochemical origin, as well as genetic engineering, are taboo, the return of the starting substances into natural cycles is obligatory. Production is waste-free.

The other operational processes are also examined by a specially appointed Sustainability Officer, taking all sustainability aspects into account. In the energy sector, the company will decide in 2015 for innovative wind gas. The remaining CO2 emissions are compensated by afforestation.

By joining the "value brands", SODASAN believes that "eco alone is not enough", stimulates an ethics discussion throughout the industry and continues to be consistently sustainable. The efforts lead to certification according to the CSE standard.