Sonett – Eco-Pioneer with a mission

Since the founding of the 1970s, ethical values have been the focus of the company's detergent and detergent manufacturer's economic orientation. Rooted in Anthroposophy, Sonett strives consistently to avoid further environmental disruption and also sets strong impulses for a life-long-term future in the case of further aspects of sustainability.

One example here is the relationship to capital: wealth and profits are not regarded as a private concern, but as a common property. Surpluses remain in the company or flow into the non-profit foundation Sonett. Even prize money the company receives for its outstanding achievements are passed on to social projects.

Cultural diversity is practiced in the home: people from 16 nations are currently employed. And because the workforce is working very hard to integrate fugitives, three of them can now work at Deggenhausen. One of them soon starts training at Sonett.

Social responsibility at the highest level is a matter of course for Sonett: Cooperation and mutual support instead of competition and personal interest. Respect, social cohesion, fostering exchange and support for individual development form the basis of cooperation. This is also reflected in the flat management structure.

Sonett produces exclusively at the company's location and generates almost no CO emission there - through a wood chip heating system and electrical energy from the neighboring small hydropower plant. With its holistic and future-oriented approaches, the company stands as a prime example for sustainable business in accordance with the CSE standard.