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Vision and Mission

A world where every company understands/ sees itself as part of the whole and measures its success based on added value for the entire planet – to put it briefly:

Sustainability as a matter of course!

This vision is the basis of our mission: not only defining sustainable economics but also making it visible to the outside world. Only then can these sustainable measures be perceived and honored by consumers. 

Diese Wertschätzung ist die Voraussetzung für eine Änderung des aktuellen Paradigmas hin zu einer enkeltauglichen und zukunftsfähigen
Wirtschaft für den Planeten und für die Menschen. Nach dem Grundsatz „Die Wirtschaft ist für den Menschen da und nicht andersherum“ bieten wir Ihnen Lösungen an.

Since 2011 already we are following our mission and acting on different levels. In doing so, we manage the balancing act between a profound/ strong understanding of sustainability and the mechanism of a free market economy.

The CSE standard offers you a unique and consistent criterion for corporate sustainability. In today´s world it is possible to do business in a sustainable way and to make it verifiable and transparent, as shown by our CSE standard. We support both companies in making sustainable alternatives visible and private individuals in finding them.

In various working groups and expert panels, we discuss current developments and findings and develop ways to exploit further sustainability potential. We help to make the congruence or discrepancy between theory and practice measurable and comprehensible. We help making it visible and comprehensible if there is a congruency or discrepancy between sustainability in theory and practice.

With our product and company certifications we contribute to transparency in the area of quality labels and thwart the concept of greenwashing. Beyond that, we are committed to participating in political discourses on sustainability and thus bringing in our know-how on various levels.

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