Our Corporate Carbon Footprint Tool

Ever since Fridays4Future, climate change has been on the agenda of many companies. An important component for reducing corporate emissions is the complete recording of a company's CO2 balance.2balance.2GfaW and the sustainability consultancy sustaineration jointly present a tool with which companies can independently and confidently determine their CO2 footprint.

Together, we have developed an Excel-based balancing tool and can thus enable cost-effective balancing.

This tool offers both the possibility of independently calculating a CO2balance2and information and notes on the various parameters that are particularly relevant for the CO2 footprint. All assessment bases (emission factors) are presented transparently. Users do not only enter their data, but also learn how diverse individual company processes are in terms of a CO2assessment

The tool is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and companies can create carbon footprints according to Scopes 1, 2 and 3. In doing so, they define the scope of their balance independently and receive an overview of which data must be collected or entered. Once all the data has been completely recorded, the CO2footprint is displayed and visualized in various figures that facilitate both internal and external communication.

The climate assessment tool supports companies in developing effective climate strategies. In addition to the data mask for recording the relevant climate data, users receive graphical evaluations and templates for deriving targeted climate protection measures. 

In addition, the transparent calculation method makes all emission factors visible. Based on these results, companies can make a well-founded assessment of how they want to improve their climate impact. The emission factors are the coefficients used to evaluate the climate impact of company processes, for example, 1 kWh of electricity equals x kg of CO2. These understandable and comprehensible comparisons make it easier for companies to opt for more climate-friendly alternatives, even beyond the choice of electricity.

Besides recording the CO2footprint and the derivation of a climate strategy to improve the company's climate impact, the tool also serves as a basis for offsetting the company's CO2emissions. Through various compansation projects, such as reforestation or the expansion of renewable energies, the CO2footprint will be offset and the company will achieve its climate neutrality.

And beyond that:

The tool can be the basis for compensating the company´s CO2emissions. 

Über verschiedene Kompensationsprojekte, wie der Aufforstung oder dem Ausbau Erneuerbarer Energien, kann der CO2footprint will be offset and the company will achieve its climate neutrality.

The acquisition costs are 600 EUR net, the actuality of the emission factors is checked annually. If changes result from this, an update of the tool costs 100 EUR net. 

Our balancing tool is designed for internal company calculation and is sold only to companies that want to use it to calculate their own balance sheet. Companies that want to create a balance sheet for third parties, please use other calculation options. 

If you would like to acquire the tool or have any questions about it, please contact us.